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Interested in producing a show? CVTV Charter Cable channels 7 & 23 is where you will find local school and select board meetings, locally produced shows, local sports, and religious programming.


CVTV is a non-profit community media and technology center located in downtown Barre, Vermont. CVTV's mission is to provide local citizens with access to training and state-of-the-art digital video tools as a means of personal, political and artistic self expression.


CVTV operates both a public access and a government access cable channel. We provide equipment and facility rentals and channel time to any CVTV user, for any non-commercial purpose, free of charge.


We offer classes throughout the year. Our state-of-the-art studio is open to the public. Have an idea for programming? Give us a call, send us an email, or stop by the office to talk with us.


CVTV is always looking for ideas for new shows if you, your friends, even your family have ideas you think would make great shows let us know! We look forward to hearing from you.

A.    To enable, support and promote the production and distribution of PEG access television programs by and for educational, charitable, social service, religious, government, electoral, residents of, or members of a group operates primarily within Washington County.

B.    To distribute these programs on its PEG access cable television channel(s) and other publicly accessible telecommunication network or facilities as it deems appropriate. these other distribution pathways may include, but are not limited to, closed circuit, common carrier, multichannel microwave, satellite, telephone, videocassette, audio cassette, or broadcast television and radio.

C.    To provide for the care and custody of equipment, facilities and program owned or used by CVTV.

D.    To seek and receive grants from public and private sources in order to meet the expenses of the aforesaid purposes.

E.    To exercise any other rights or responsibilities incidental to or associated with applicable law.
CVTV Proudly Presents...
CVTV is excited to announce the newest season of New England Cooks. New England Cooks is a unique combination of broadcast and web media, along with live appearances and special events throughout New England, designed to make the pursuit of the best things in life in New England easy and entertaining. With a flair for the novel and undiscovered, New England Cooks paints a picture of a region alive with culture and diversity, offering something for all ages and interests.

The New England Cooks 90-second cooking shows and New England Cooks On the Road 30 minute cable television series are produced by Videovision Productions, Barre, Vermont. Tony Campos is company owner and Executive Producer.
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